Growing up as a family in the cleaning industry we looked under the sink and there were so many different cleaning solution bottles scattered around that you never knew what to use to clean different stains on different surfaces.


I’m sure people reading this can all agree they have too many cleaners! 


So, we came up with Rid-All, the “One product that does it all”. Any stain, Any mold, Any surface!


Also, with a household full of children we wanted to make the product safe and environmentally friendly. That’s why we started with a water-based solution that is non-toxic. Did you realize that just after cleaning with most brand-named cleaners for only one week; it is the equivalent to smoking a pack of cigarettes for 20 yrs.


Rid-All products are safe and effective with no harmful, side effects of all those brand-named cleaners. From our family to yours we wanted to make cleaning easier and less confusing. 


Let us know what other types of stains Rid-All has cleaned up for you! We use it everywhere from inside the house to inside the garage and workshop. 

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